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Slash Peak Demand Costs and Boost Sustainability

Introducing DemandSmart, an innovative and cost-saving peak demand charge reduction solution available on the Open Kitchen and SiteSage platform. It's a connected software module that takes Open Kitchen and SiteSage's already impressive savings to the next level, continuously optimizing electric load 24-7-365. DemandSmart puts a focus on controlling peak demand and real-time price management with time-of-use pricing.

How It Works:

DemandSmart leverages AI technology to balance electricity demands effectively. By collecting and analyzing crucial data, such as equipment usage, electric utility signals, market prices, and operational conditions (including building envelope, weather, E.V. fleet schedules, and human desired experience), it efficiently distributes electric load for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance electricity bills savings by over 10% each year
  • Lower your carbon footprint and contribute to Scope 2 emissions targets

By adopting DemandSmart, you add value to your existing Open Kitchen or SiteSage installation and ensure peak demand costs reduction while positively impacting your sustainability programs.

Once enabled, DemandSmart seamlessly integrates with Open Kitchen and SiteSage, automatically delivering significant savings straight to your business's bottom line.

Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your energy management strategy.  Discover DemandSmart today and start maximizing your savings and sustainability efforts.
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SiteSage and Open Kitchen

SiteSage and Open Kitchen use the power of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and deliver additional benefits to portfolios of commercial facilities. SiteSage and Open Kitchen connect, analyze, and control equipment to reduce energy and maintenance expenses with intuitive online and mobile interfaces that require minimal staff effort. Open Kitchen expands the power of our solution for Foodservice and Food Retail organizations by directly connecting with kitchen equipment across all brands, enabling remote monitoring of kitchen operations along with remote recipe creation and distribution, and automating food safety processes and reporting. SiteSage and Open Kitchen are currently operational in thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, food retailers, retail stores, and more.

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